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How to Check If Your Business IP is Protected from Competitors

Any unique ideas and creative works created by an individual or organisation fall under the umbre...

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How To Prepare For And Carry Out An IP Audit

Intellectual Property (IP) rights are increasingly the most valuable and effective tool for busin...

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UK Trade Mark Registration Guide To Get Started

Trade Mark registration in the UK does not have to be a hassle, and there are many advantages onc...

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7 reasons why you need to trade mark your business in the UK

Every business has something that makes them unique. It may be your offering, your customer servi...

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All you need to know about Intellectual Property (IP) Audits in the UK

This article will explain what Intellectual Property (IP) is, the benefits of fully understanding...

Read more teams up with newly renovated JQ Modern to provide an advice clinic for local businesses teams up with newly renovated JQ Modern to provide an advice clinic for local businesse...

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Our Intellectual Property Story

“Should we just pull out of the deal? If we don’t own the IP when we complete then what are we a...

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Intellectual Property (IP) Essentials for Small Businesses

We speak to business owners daily about their professional business service needs and one thing...

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Registered Design FAQ’s

WHAT CAN BE A REGISTERED DESIGN?  A registered design can be the particular look, shape, co...

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Trade Mark FAQs

WHAT CAN BE A TRADE MARK?  A Trade Mark can consist of words (including personal names), design...

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What is Registered Design?

All aspects of Intellectual Property are extremely important to the value, investment and r...

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5 Things you Need to Know About Trade Marks

Every business has something unique about them and trade mark registration may be the best way ...

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