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Passing off: and how to avoid it

What is Passing Off? "Passing off" is a principle of the common law tort which prevents one p...

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Why Business Process Outsourcing Makes Sense

Many companies, from Dynamic Start-ups to Large Enterprises, like to outsource non-core business ...

Read more teams up with newly renovated JQ Modern to provide an advice clinic for local businesses teams up with newly renovated JQ Modern to provide an advice clinic for local businesse...

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How to Create a Logo for Your Business

how not to use the work we created. I would ask a client to allow me to use it in my portfolio ...

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The 5 Essentials of Branding your Small Business

Branding is not reserved for the international conglomerates of this world, it is just as impor...

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Questions to Ask Yourself when Writing a Business Plan

A considered business plan will not only help you get organised and crystalise your vision,...

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How to Create a Business Strategy

At the beginning and throughout the life of your business you will have to create strategies to...

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Employment Types & Contracts

There are different types of employment agreements, all of which are have legal requirement...

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5 Things to Consider When Making a Website for your Business

Setting up a website for your business is a great way for customers to find you, showcase your ...

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Marketing For Small Business

You have a fantastic product or service, now you need to let people know about! We’ll run t...

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