Business Name Registration

If you’re currently in the process of setting up your business (even if you’re not planning to trade for a while), protecting your name is a vital step in safeguarding your reputation and giving you legal protection under the law of “passing off” (name copying). This provides legal rights to prevent another party from misrepresenting their goods or services as yours.

And if you have already established your business and have been trading for some time, it is not too late to use one of our Business Name Protection packages to see whether your business name is unique in your sector and location and can therefore be registered.

Business Name and domain search

We have developed a free search tool which allows you to search for available business and domain names.

Business Name & Domain Search

Domain and email

Some of our Business Name Packages offer domain and email services. These include:

  1. Domain name registration
  2. Free searches of the domain name – Unlimited free searches to find the right domain name for your business
  3. No charges to cease your domain name – We will issue an annual renewal notice for you to choose to act upon or cancel without charge
  4. Full control – If you want to move your domain to another internet service provider you can do so with no extra charge

Company formation

There are 5 main types of company formations: limited (Ltd), public limited company (PLC), guarantee, limited liability partnership (LLP) and community interest companies (CIC). It is important you understand which structure will work best or applies to the kind of company you’re looking to form. To understand more about the different types of companies please read our blog.

Trade and design mark searches

Via our parent company, National Business Register, we are able to conduct trade and design mark searches to ensure your chosen business name is not already protected via a trade mark, ensuring you are not already infringing on someone else’s intellectual property (IP).

A trade mark search is normally £99 ex VAT. All other packages save for Business Name Protection include this service, at a discounted rate. We recommend that customers undertake a trade mark search when registering their business name to give full visibility of the availability of a chosen name when completing the registration process.

National Business Register can handle the following intellectual property (IP) services should you require additional IP information or protection for your business:

  1. Searching availability of trade marks and service marks
  2. Filing applications for registration of trade marks and registered designs
  3. Dealing with “passing off” and trade mark infringement
  4. Licensing, assignments, acquisitions
  5. Employing litigation services (where necessary) to enforce or defend IP
  6. Renewing trade marks and registered designs
  7. Providing an “address for service” – needed for non-UK businesses wanting to apply for and register in the UK
  8. Watching searches/maintenance of registered trade marks
  9. Assisting with oppositions raised by you or others within the process of applying for a registered trade or service mark

Registered office

All companies registered at Companies House must have an official address in the country of their jurisdiction. The registered office is the official address of the company, and all official communications will be sent to that address. This is particularly helpful if you work from home and do not wish for your home address to be on public record at Companies House.

Confirmation statement

A confirmation statement is used to make sure Companies House have the correct information about a limited company. Any limited company must file this information annually.

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