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Intellectual Property (IP) Essentials for Small Businesses

We speak to business owners daily about their professional business service needs and one thing...

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Our Finance Story

Acquiring a business is always challenging. Acquiring a business during a global pandemic might...

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What happens after the Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) ends on 30 June 2022?

Here are our predictions for what will happen after the scheme finsihes this year. 1. It migh...

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Different Types of Business Finance Explained

Accessing the right debt finance for your business can be hard – the debt market is very noisy ...

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Start Following – Inspire-a-doll

Shovon Wiggan is CEO and Founder of Inspire-a-doll, a multi-cultural doll range representing gi...

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Start Following – Unite Rehab

Start.Biz community member Leila Holmes and owner of Physioadvantage has teamed up with Muscle ...

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Registered Design FAQ’s

WHAT CAN BE A REGISTERED DESIGN?  A registered design can be the particular look, shape, co...

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5 Top Tips for Small Businesses at Christmas Markets

As the nights draw in and we start to swap our chilled Savvie B for toasty mulled wine, small b...

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Accountancy for Small Business

Accountancy is referred to as the language of business, similarly when learning a new language ...

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Do I need Insurance for my Small Business?

You are legally required to take out Employer’s Liability (EL) insurance if you employee anyone...

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The 5 Essentials of Branding your Small Business

Branding is not reserved for the international conglomerates of this world, it is just as impor...

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Questions to Ask Yourself when Writing a Business Plan

A considered business plan will not only help you get organised and crystalise your vision,...

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