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Registering Intellectual Property (IP) not only protects your business from imitation but also adds integrity, prestige and value: authenticating a brand’s identity. With over 35 years’ experience registering trade marks Start.Biz make protecting your business simple and straight forward.

Need to Trade Mark your Business?

Trade mark your business with and get a Free Trade mark Audit


This is the first step to getting your trade mark. Searches are required to ensure your intended mark/design isn’t infringing on any existing marks/registrations and should be done before trying to register your mark. There is no obligation to register after the search but this is a great indication to whether your proposed trade mark is available or is registered by someone else.


The next step is to register. Trade mark applications typically take 6 months to complete. However your trade mark is effective from the first day of your application and provides ten years of protection for your Intellectual Property. If registered designs are renewed every five years, they can survive up to 25 years.


Our Watching Searches ensure that any new applications are monitored, and if any pending applications look to be too similar to, copy, or imitate your mark/design, we can notify you and take action in time to prevent a registration from being completed.