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Want to protect your Business Name?

Business Name Registration is vital when it comes to setting up and maintaining your business. Your business name is one of the most important assets your business has. This is ideal for sole traders, start-ups, side hustlers, contractors, SME’s, limited companies and freelancers looking to protect their name and reputation.

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Pros of Registering your Business Name

Search Facility

Our comprehensive search makes it easy to have full visibility over 10 million existing business names, with 25,000 being added every month.

Online Reputation

Make the most of social media by protecting your online reputation and handles.

Legislation Updates

Receive information and updates about UK business legislation.


Access to resources and advice that will enable you to save time and money.

Name Protection

You can rest assured that your business name meets all statutory requirements and doesn't infringe on competitors in your sector.

Legal Fees

A guarantee that we will manage your case and cover your legal fees up to £10,000 if action needs to be taken.


Become part of our business community and connect with like minded business owners.

Certificate of Registration

A certificate of registration that complies with Section 1200-1206 Companies Act 2006 will be sent to you, meaning peace of mind after registering any business names.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Whether you’ve been trading for a while, or you’re just starting up, registering your business name with will ensure you are protected from ‘passing off’ (name copying). Here’s all you need to know.

The law of passing off stands to protect a trader’s goodwill and business against copying by another business, company or individual, whether intentional or not. If there is a chance current or future customers could confuse their business for yours, it is likely there would be a case of passing off.

With over 10 million businesses in the UK, and thousands of new businesses forming every month, the likelihood of someone else having a similar/same business name to you is increasingly likely. Business Name Registration gives you peace of mind and an edge on your competition.

You may not have experienced passing off to date, but that does not make it any less likely. The longer you have been trading, the better your reputation and therefore there is a higher chance of your name being copied, intentionally or otherwise. With our Business Name Registration you will have an assigned qualified Intellectual Property expert guide you through the process, deal with all administration for your case and will cover your legal fees up to £10,000. 

Your rights do not change, you can still pursue the opposing enterprise you believe are passing off as your business. However, financially this is likely to cost you £10,000’s if not £100,000‘s to take it to court. Emotionally, you may have to engage directly with the owner of the opposed enterprise, whilst also research and provide all the proof and data required to build a case. will only support those businesses that have an active registration at the time of ‘passing off’ being recognised and can not enforce our service retrospectively. This would become clear upon investigation, whereby opposing parties can have cases dismissed. This is why we strongly suggest you register your business name at the earliest possible stage.

Companies House does not allow a ‘carbon copy’ of a business name. However, ‘passing off’ is not limited to exact name copying, for example there could be 2 limited businesses registered on Companies House with confusingly similar names ie; ‘Excelsior Roofers Ltd’ and ‘Excelsior Roofing & Maintainace Ltd’. Should these businesses overlap in services and trading region, there would likely be a case of passing off.

Simply click ‘REGISTER’ below. Once submitted, our dedicated expert team will review your application and complete the relevant name checks and be in touch with your registration confirmation within 2 working days.