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Start.Biz community member Leila Holmes and owner of Physioadvantage has teamed up with Muscle Mechanic Sports Massage founder Sam Cochrane, to provide a comprehensive Physiotherapy & Sports Massage Therapy clinic located on St Owen’s Street in Hereford, UK.
We first met Leila when her business, @physioadvantage, was entered into our monthly independent business competitions and have been blown away by her service and exciting expansion over the past few months.
Unite Rehab’s aim is to combine all your rehab needs under one roof.

Leila provides: 

Specialist Musculoskeletal assessment and treatment for muscle and joint injuries.
Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapy assessment and treatment for pelvic floor problems and antenatal and postnatal conditions.
A specialist Postnatal Assessment called a Mummy MOT which is a thorough postnatal assessment of your abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscles, posture and breathing. You are then given a personalised exercise programme to help you reach your exercise goals and functional needs.

Sam provides: 

Specialist assessment of injuries.
Level 5 Sports massage.
A pathway and management plan for recovery and rehab, including personalised exercise programmes.
‘We have a gym rehabilitation area in our clinic in Hereford and two separate treatment rooms. So we can provide individual hands on treatment and then provide gym rehabilitation as needed to overcome injury and get back to the level of activity and function people want to get to.’ – Leila Holmes, Co-Founder of Unite Rehab.
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