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Why is Intellectual Property Protection Essential?

Intellectual Property (IP) is one of your business’ most valuable, but often overlooked, assets. As IP experts we have over 35 years’ experience helping people build and protect their brand and business.

What Intellectual Property (IP) does my business have?

Intellectual Property may include imagery, logos, processes, symbols, designs, ideas, writing, names, website layouts etc. Every size and type of business will have some sort of IP which is valuable, how it is and what can be protected needs to be investigated.

IP Audits

All our Intellectual Property services begin with a no obligation free consultation where we understand more about your business and report back to you with your options.

Contact us to book in your free Intellectual Property consultation with one of our experts and start the process of protecting your brand today.

Business Name Registration

One of our unique services tailored specifically for small businesses is ‘Business Name Registration’. This is ideal for sole traders, side hustlers, SME’s, limited companies and freelancers looking to protect their name and reputation from ‘passing off’. Find out more here.

Trade Marks

Registering Intellectual Property (IP) not only protects your business from imitation but also adds integrity, prestige and value; authenticating a brand’s identity. With over 35 years’ experience registering trade marks make protecting your business a breeze. Find out more here.